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FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Stories, Conversations and Life Travels with a Bemused Columnist and His Whimsical Wife

  • Reg. $14.95. SPECIAL $12.70 + FREE Shipping

Award-winning columnist Randy Fitzgerald and his wife, Barbara, get the humor soaring in this collection of some of Randy’s finest pieces, supplemented by Barb’s on-target observations. Signed copies.


UNCLE JACK’S OUTER BANKS: The Ultimate Collection

  • Reg. $16.00. SPECIAL $13.60 + FREE Shipping

Long the funniest, and savviest, commentator on North Carolina’s beloved Outer Banks, award-winning columnist “Uncle Jack” Sandberg is back with the ultimate collection of hilarious — and on-the-mark — observations, supplemented by the work of great cartoonists.


REFLECTIONS: Objects in Mirror Appear Backwards, But Maybe It’s Me

  • Reg. $9.95. SPECIAL $8.45 + FREE Shipping

Vintage book from the 1990’s. Award-winning columnist Ray McAllister found a funny and real world people by everyone from a good ol’ boy in New York to music superstar Michael Bolton to a three-year-old flower girl. Signed copies.


PORTSMOUTH: The Way It Was, 2nd Edition

  • Paperback Reg. $17.95. SPECIAL $15.25 + FREE Shipping
  • (Hardcover temporarily out of stock)

A small, now uninhabited island southwest of Ocracoke, Portsmouth Island was once a thriving seaport serving the North Carolina coast. In the award-winning Portsmouth, first published in 1996, Ellen Fulcher Cloud recreates the island’s early history – and shows why it became the “Ghost Village of the Outer Banks” after two centuries of existence.


OCRACOKE: The Pearl of the Outer Banks, 2nd edition

  • Hardcover Reg. $22.95. SPECIAL $19.50 + FREE Shipping
  • Paperback Reg. $17.95. SPECIAL $15.25 + FREE Shipping

Blackbeard, hurricanes, German U-boats, the famous lighthouse, the British Cemetery, the beautiful beaches, the charmingly unpaved Howard Street, the happy visitors – they’re all here in Ray McAllister’s award-winning look at the “pearl of the Outer Banks.” Signed copies.


HATTERAS ISLAND: Keeper of the Outer Banks, 2nd edition

  • Hardcover Reg. $25.00. SPECIAL $21.25 + FREE Shipping
  • Paperback Reg. $18.95. SPECIAL $16.10 + FREE Shipping

A beloved and less developed island reminiscent of the early OBX. The legendary lighthouse. The glorious but oft-flooded Highway 12. Hatteras comes to life in these stories of hurricanes, the first radio transmission of music, German U-boats and bodies on the beach, heroic rescues by lifesaving surfmen, both the Monitor‘s sinking and the first reception of the Titanic‘s distress calls, and much more. Signed copies.



  • Hardcover Reg. $21.00. SPECIAL $17.85 + FREE Shipping

Two Outer Banks classics about Ocracoke by the late Ellen Fulcher Cloud, long almost impossible to find, come together to tell the definitive story of both the iconic lighthouse and the island’s seafaring men. Her unparalleled research, little-known stories and own family tradition make it a must-read for any lover of the Outer Banks.


TOPSAIL ISLAND: Mayberry by the Sea, 2nd edition

  • Hardcover Reg. $28.00. SPECIAL $23.80 + FREE Shipping
  • Paperback Reg. $19.95. SPECIAL $16.95 + FREE Shipping

The stories, people and continuing allure of the beloved North Carolina island with the small-town feel. Learn about the top-secret missile program, the mysterious “Gold Hole,” and the departed Swing Bridge. Read the century-old mystery of the captain lying dead in his wrecked ship. Experience monster hurricanes Hazel, Bertha, Fran and Florence. Meet giant sea turtles, a whale carcass dragged to the island, a traveling bear, the historic Ocean City “Black beach,” old-time fishing piers and beach cottages with whimsical names. Vacationers, picture takers, surfers and fishermen, and musicians, they’re all here. Signed copies.


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH: The Luminous Island, 2nd edition

  • Hardcover Reg. $22.95. SPECIAL $19.50 + FREE Shipping
  • Paperback Reg. $19.95. SPECIAL $16.95 + FREE Shipping

Here are Johnnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier, the classic downtown, and the Coast Guard station. Here are stories of fires and hurricanes, a massive beached whale that became a tourist attraction, and an airplane full of Pennsylvanians who fled here to escape one of America’s first man-made disasters. Here are beach trolleys and Big Bands, and, of course, the fabulous Lumina Pavilion. Here is the book that captures not only Wrightsville’s history but its heart. Signed copies.



MISSING! A Topsail Turtle Tale


  • 3-Book Set. Reg. $19.85. SPECIAL $16.85 + FREE Shipping

Riley doesn’t want to go on her family’s vacation. She doesn’t, that is, until a friendly sea turtle arrives … and she experiences The Magic of Topsail Island. … In the sequel, Missing! A Topsail Turtle Tale, Riley wants to return but finds Beasley the sea turtle really is missing! … Then, in Pirates on Friday, we’re introduced to new characters. Johnny knew it was going to be difficult to be a pirate when his little sister, his first mate, deserts him. But he didn’t realize just how bad.
All books signed by award-winning author Lindsay Zarse.


THE SENATOR’S SON: The Shocking Disappearance, The Celebrated Trial,
and The Mystery That Remains a Century

  • Hardcover Reg. $26.00. SPECIAL $22.10 + FREE Shipping

On Monday, February 13, 1905, eight-year-old Kenneth Beasley walked to the back of his school’s playground and into the woods. The son of a North Carolina state senator was never seen again. A political rival would be charged in one of North Carolina’s biggest cases ever. The eventual verdict and stunning aftermath would rip apart two families and shock a state … yet leave a mystery unsolved. Now Charles Oldham, attorney and author, reopens the case. An absorbing must read. Signed copies.


SHIP OF BLOOD: Mutiny and Slaughter Aboard the Harry A. Berwind, and the Quest for Justice

  • Hardcover Reg. $28.00. SPECIAL $23.80 + FREE Shipping

On an October night in 1905 a horrifying scene was found on a wooden vessel off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina. Onboard the Harry A. Berwind, one crewman lay dead, his blood streaming down the deck. The four officers all were gone—murdered, too, it would turn out, their bodies dumped into the sea. Award-winning Author Charles Oldham tells the true crime story that shocked and befuddled everyone. Signed copies.


DIARY OF A BROKEN MIND: A Mother’s Story, A Son’s Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

  • Hardcover Reg. $16.95. SPECIAL $14.40 + FREE Shipping

The funniest, most popular kid in school, Charles Aubrey Rogers suffered from depression and later addiction, then ultimately died by suicide. Diary of a Broken Mind focuses on the relatable story of what led to his suicide at age twenty and answers the why behind his addiction and this cause of death, revealed through a Anne Moss Roger’s story and years of her son’s published and unpublished song lyrics. It is a book that won’t easily be forgotten. Signed copies.



  • Hardcover Reg. $22.00. SPECIAL $18.70 + FREE Shipping

The critically acclaimed debut novel of award-winning playwright and poet Roy Robbins, begins when Hal Parker returns to his rural hometown. North, Florida is in shock over the murder of local kingpin Leon Putnam. Claire Austen, a reporter who may or may not be in love with Hal, arrives in town and begins asking questions about the dead man. Danger and mystery arise everywhere. North is the powerful, beautifully written story of a man’s search for an understanding of his family, his town, and himself—and the truths they avoided. On his journey, he just may help solve a murder. Signed copies.


THE FORUM FILES: The Stories Behind The Richmond Forum

  • Hardcover Orig. $38.95. Now $25.00. SPECIAL $21.25 + FREE Shipping

Meet the most interesting people in the world. The Richmond Forum has had a roster of Who’s Who speakers: American presidents, the leaders of most major countries, plus a staggering array of celebrities, journalists, scientists, thinkers, and even athletes. Award-winning author Ray McAllister gathered behind-the-scenes stories for this coffee-table book, lavishly illustrated with 200 photographs, many in color: * Former Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev drove his Secret Service detail batty, repeatedly ordering his car stopped to jump out and meet ordinary Richmonders. * Famed director Steven Spielberg doesn’t accept speaking invitations but made an exception for Richmond. * Archbishop Desmond Tutu sneaked away before his speech to visit the statue of his late friend, Arthur Ashe, Jr. * Baseball superstar Cal Ripken, Jr., meeting with three young players, couldn’t have known one would become a football superstar. That fourteen-year-old, Russell Wilson, himself appeared at The Forum twelve years later. Signed copies.



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