The Magic of Topsail Island



The Magic of Topsail Island

Topsail’s multiple-award-winning children’s book, now in a NEW, LARGER edition!

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Riley doesn’t want to go on her family’s vacation to Topsail Island. It would ruin her summer. But her parents insist. Besides, Topsail is a magical place, they say. But Riley doesn’t believe them.

She doesn’t, that is, until a friendly sea turtle arrives … and a magical trip begins.

  • “The beauty and magic of Topsail Island is now captured on the pages of a new childrens book.”

-The Jacksonville Daily News

The Magic of Topsail Island, 
$7.95 paperback, 8.5x5.3 in., 
ISBN 978-0-615-39974-4
  • Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner
  • Reader’s Favorite Book Award Winner
  • Beach Festival Book Award Winner

         LINDSAY McALLISTER ZARSE has authored a wonderful book about a young girl, her family’s vacation — and a world opened for her by Beasley, a giant sea turtle with extra-special talents.

          Illustrated with 18 enchanting drawings by artist Brian Martin (, The Magic of Topsail is sure to be a hit with child and parent alike.

          NOW REPRINTED IN A LARGER FORMAT, with larger interior drawings, The Magic of Topsail Island is the perfect children’s book for any beach lover … of any age.

  • “Lindsay Zarse skillfully intertwines factual information about sea turtles with an adorable fantasy in this enchanting book. A great summer read for the young and young at heart.”

                  –Mary Maden, author of A Sea Turtle Story

  • “Within three pages, [my son Joseph] was enthralled. Mr. Asks-Constant-Questions was silent, leaning against me with bated breath, until I read the first chapter. Originally thinking to read one chapter, I couldn’t resist reading the first four. … From a parental viewpoint, I appreciated the educational spin. … The characters were fun, the dialogue quick and, although I thought that some of the phrases would be above Joseph’s head, he was able to follow along perfectly well. I would say as a read-aloud book, this one is geared toward children from ages 4-7. As a read-on-their-own, ages 8-10. The illustrations were done by Brian Martin and were a tremendous addition to the book. Overall, Joseph and I gave this book a big “A” for Approved.

                 –Mandy Dawson, web reviewer,

  • “Lindsay Zarse creates a childhood wonderland tlhrough a trip to the beach. Her creative imagery and adventure will delight children big and small — and the lucky adults who read to them.”

                 –Kate Hall, CEO,, Author, Richmond Rocks

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New and enlarged! “The Magic of Topsail Island”