NORTH, Roy Robbins, $22 HC, 224 pp. May 19, 2020.


A Novel


Roy Robbins



NORTH: A Novel

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Written by local author, award-winning playwright, and longtime poet Roy Robbins, North is smooth, engaging, and, quite often, hard to put down. . . .

North is not merely a “whodunnit” kind of novel. Yes, the murder and other mysteries that follow are the main plot point; but the small town setting adds a layer of interest and charm to the storyline.

It paints a thorough and realistic picture of the ups and downs of rural Americana; everything between the conflicts with drugs; to the infamous rumor mill; to the deep-rooted and tight-knit relationships hard to find in any other type of community. The characters and their backstories spice up the plot with interesting twists, turns, and, of course, gossip. From nosy neighbors to childhood frenemies, the characters may even seem hauntingly similar to those who grew up in a comparable setting.

North is ideal for a lazy evening at home or cozy weekend vacation. . . . [T]his small-town mystery has just enough intrigue and lighthearted spunk to keep the pages consistently turning.

—Boomer magazine. (READ THE FULL REVIEW)



Roy Robbins (new North: A Novel), left, and Charles Oldham (The Senator’s Son) share the secrets of mystery writing, in fiction and non-fiction, with Fountain Bookstore.



NORTH, the critically acclaimed debut novel of award-winning playwright and poet Roy Robbins, begins when Hal Parker, a market research executive delivered into therapy by his divorce, returns to his childhood home in northern Florida. He has arrived too late for his mother’s funeral—but early for another. The small rural town of North is in shock over the death of local kingpin Leon Putnam, murdered days earlier.

               Claire Austen, a reporter who may or may not be in love with Hal, arrives in town and begins asking questions about the dead man. Claire’s life may be in danger and her relationship with Hall certainly is. A mysterious fire is set. Clues and fragmented recollections are rushing to the fore in North. But so are suspects. The tangled webs of Putnam’s crimes reached everywhere, into politics and law enforcement and even the dangerous local drug trade. Can they be untangled? And is Hal and Claire’s love on the way to becoming another victim?

                NORTH is the powerful, beautifully written story of a man’s search for an understanding of his family, his town, and himself—and the truths they avoided. On his journey, he just may help solve a murder.

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“Roy Robbins’ novel North reads like a good Merlot—smooth and seamless as it weaves a complex    tapestry of Southern small-town intrigue, betrayal, and murder. Timeless yet modern. As if Agatha Christie had joined forces with William Faulkner and added an overlay of psychotherapy.”

ANDY STRAKA, Shamus Award-Winning Author of The Blue Hallelujah and other novels

“Part crime novel, part exploration of family and the past, Roy Robbins’ North is rich in character and sense of place—with more than enough plot to keep readers turning pages late into the night.”

MICHAEL KNIGHT, Award-Winning Author of Eveningland and The Typist

“You haven’t heard of Hal Parker, but you know him. If you love small-town Southern, Faulkneresque drama, in all its depth and scandal, you know Hal and the striking assortment of characters in North. Roy Robbins has put together a debut novel that is not to be missed!”

CHARLES ODLHAM, Award-Winning Author of The Senator’s Son


Roy Robbins is an award-winning playwright with four plays and, more recently, a book of plays, Poster Arts Nights, to his credit. North is his debut novel.