MISSING! A Topsail Turtle Tale

“MISSING: A Topsail Turtle Tale,” by Lindsay McAllister Zarse. Beach Glass Books. $9.95 paperback.

Missing: A Topsail Turtle Tale mixes magic and nature to create a sweet summertime tale for children of all ages.   Lindsay Zarse imaginatively portrays the perils sea turtles face both on the beach and in the ocean. With a nod to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Zarse celebrates the important work being done at sea turtle hospitals.”

  • MARY ALICE MONROE, New York Times Best Selling Author of Turtle Summer

Riley wants to return to Topsail Island’s ocean wonderland but her magical guide Beasley is no where to be found.  With the help of a few baby sea turtles, Riley is able to make it back to the sea floor.  There she finds all of her nautical friends again–all except one.  Beasley really is MISSING…

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“A fantasy that will intrigue readers, especially those sitting on mother’s lap.
A summer delight.”

  • Laurie Krebs, author of We All Went on Safari and We’re Roaming in the Rainforest.

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