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Flights of Fancy

Stories, Conversations and Life Travels with a Bemused Columnist and His Whimsical Wife

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Mutiny and Slaughter Aboard the Harry A. Berwind, and the Quest for Justice

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The Ultimate Collection

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A Mother’s Story, A Son’s Suicide, and The Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

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Tragic Losses

2 Award-Winning Stories

Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, A Son’s Suicide, and The Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind

The Senator’s Son: The Shocking Disappearance, The Celebrated Trial, and The Mystery That Remains a Century Later

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The funniest, most popular kid in school, Charles Aubrey Rogers suffered from depression and later addiction, then ultimately died by suicide. Diary of a Broken Mind focuses on the relatable story of what led to his suicide at age twenty and answers the why behind his addiction and this cause of death, revealed through mother Anne Moss Rogerss’ story, with years of Charles’ published and unpublished song lyrics. Diary of a Broken Mind is a poignant and powerful story written with telling detail and searing honesty—and hope. It is a book that won’t easily be forgotten. SIGNED PAPERBACK EDITION


On Monday, February 13, 1905, eight-year-old Kenneth Beasley walked to the back of his school’s playground and into the melting snow of the woods beyond. He was never seen again. His father’s political rival would be accused of the most bizarre and twisted of plots. The eventual verdict and stunning aftermath would rip apart two families and shock a state … yet leave a mystery unsolved. Now attorney Charles Oldham, using modern research methods and his own legal training—while also investigating the state’s political, racial, lynching, and liquor cultures—tackles the mystery. The result is an absorbing, must-read story. The Senator’s Son is both an important book and a fascinating one. SIGNED HARDCOVER EDITION.


Cape Fear Sale

3 Books of

Southeast North Carolina

Ship of Blood: Mutiny and Slaughter Aboard the Harry A. Berwind, and the Quest for Justice

Wrightsville Beach: The Luminous Island

Topsail Island: Mayberry by the Sea

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Mutiny and Slaughter Aboard the Harry A. Berwind, and the Quest for Justice

On an October night in 1905, one crewman lay dead aboard the Harry A. Berwind off Cape Fear, his blood streaming down the deck. The four officers all were gone—murdered, too, their bodies dumped into the sea. Only three sailors remained alive, one tied up, all telling different stories, all blaming each other. So began a legal spectacle that would captivate the nation’s press and fuel a sensational trial in Wilmington. It would last seven years, reaching the Supreme Court, pulling in presidents Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft—then even being twisted into a fanciful, big-budget movie. Now from Charles Oldham, attorney and award-winning author of The Senator’s Son, comes the first full account of this fascinating true tale. NEW FOR 2022. SIGNED HARDCOVER.


The Luminous Island

Soon after crossing the drawbridge from the mainland, you’ll reach a fork in the road and face your first decision at Wrightsville Beach. Bearing left will take you to the famous Johnnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier and near the site where a giant sperm what named Trouble once washed ashore and refused to leave. Bearing right will to you to the classic downtown and points south, including the Coast Guard station and the late, great Lumina Pavilion. Wrightsville Beach: The Luminous Island is Ray McAllister’s award-winning homage to a special place, a book that captures not only Wrightsville history but its heart. Along the way, he shares stories of fires and hurricanes, Captain Kidd and David Brinkley, beach trolleys and the Big Bands. SIGNED HARDCOVER.


Mayberry by the Sea

The award-winning Topsail Island shares the history, people and continuing allure of the beloved North Carolina island with the small-town feel. Here are stories of the top-secret missile program, the mysterious “Gold Hole,” and monster hurricanes Hazel, Bertha, and Fran. Here are giant sea turtles, and a traveling bear, plus old-time fishing piers and beach cottages with whimsical names. Here are vacationers, picture takers, surfers and fishermen, and musicians. This new edition adds the story of the iconic Swing Bridge and its replacement, the devastation of Hurricane Florence and a pair of large fires, and the continuing “Topsail” feel nourished by small-town shops and festivities. Here, too, is an expanded story of the historic Ocean City “Black beach,” and newly presented stories of the massive whale carcass dragged to Topsail’s shores, an unexpected tornado, and the century-old mystery of the captain found inside his wrecked ship, a bullet through his head. NEW EDITION. SIGNED HARDCOVER.

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Laugh Pack


  • Flights of Fancy: Stories, Conversations and Life Travels
  • with a Bemused Columnist and His Whimsical Wife
  • Uncle Jack’s Outer Banks: The Ultimate Collection

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Meet the Fitzgeralds! Husband Randy – awarding-winning humor columnist – and wife Barbara – freelance writer and advertising/marketing expert – long have been a favorite both in print and on the lecture tour. Flights of Fancy, a paperback signed by both authors, is perfect for your handbag or beach bag, anyone’s holiday stocking, your favorite end table or even the bathroom. Count on it being picked up – and the laughs to ensue. SIGNED PAPERBACK



Long the funniest and savviest commentator on North Carolina’s beloved Outer Banks, “Uncle Jack” Sandberg is back with the ultimate collection of hilarious — and on-the-mark — observations, supplemented by the work on great cartoonists. Uncle Jack’s Outer Banks: The Ultimate Collection, in a hardcover edition with 69 essays and 22 cartoons, is the perfect gift or memento for anyone who loves the Outer Banks or just likes to laugh. It is, as Uncle Jack says, “a pretty funny book.” HARDCOVER


Outer Banks


Paperbacks Sale!

  • Ocracoke: The Pearl of the Outer Banks
  • Portsmouth: The Way It Was
  • Hatteras Island: Keeper of the Outer Banks

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Learn the stories of the islands you love.


Ocracoke Island is a vacation paradise, beautiful and often serene. But treacherous storms, pirates and even German submarines have taken down ships offshore and made the onshore lives of islanders uncertain. It was at Ocracoke that America’s most famous pirate, the ruthless Blackbeard, met his end in a ferocious battle with naval authorities. There is, of course, a gentler side to Ocracoke. The island is home to the iconic 1823 lighthouse that is only 75 feet tall and a photographer’s favorite. Here, too, are ferries full of visitors and throngs of bicycle riders, a legendary herd of once-wild ponies and miles upon miles of national honored beaches, the charmingly unpaved Howard Street and the poignantly serene British Cemetery. Author Ray McAllister explores them all, then goes further in search of the soul of Ocracoke, discovering what it is that pulls visitors back year after year. Signed copy.


A small, now uninhabited island southwest of Ocracoke, Portsmouth Island was once a thriving seaport serving the North Carolina coast. In the award-winning Portsmouth, a classic first published in 1996, Author Ellen Fulcher Cloud recreates the island’s early history based on previously undocumented information: records of storms, wars, and Federal occupation during the Civil War, along with numerous personal letters and photographs. Here, too, are the stories of America’s first marine hospital, established on Portsmouth in 1820; of Dr. Samuel Dudley, the wealthy physician later in charge; and of John Wallace, the businessman “Governor of Shell Castle.” We meet the brave members of the Life-Saving Service, the island’s one Black family, and Mrs. Mattie Gilgo, whose daylong interview describes Portsmouth life a century ago. We go inside the island’s mail service and village school – and learn why this flourishing village emptied out after two centuries of existence.


For a remote patch of real estate with a year-round population of little more than 3,000, Hatteras has witnessed the extraordinary. It may have been the destination of the Lost Colony. Blackbeard likely hobnobbed with the locals. The Monitor went to its watery grave nearby. Radio towers on the island made history’s first transmission of music and received the distress call from the Titanic. Billy Mitchell proved the ascendancy of air power by sinking a pair of mothballed battleships offshore. Bodies washed up on the beach following U-boat attacks during World War II. The surfmen of the island’s lifesaving stations made some of the most heroic rescues ever. And the coastal icon, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, has stood watch. Author Ray McAllister also tells of a resort island kept largely free of development — but hardly of controversy — by a national seashore park and a vacation paradise that can change instantly into a storm center. Signed copy.


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